316P6 Power Cables

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IEC 316P6 Power Cords

We offer a wide variety of IEC power cords for use in data centers and IT installations

(Available in IEC 316P6 to C13, 316P6 to C19, and 316P6 to 316C6 configurations – Custom lengths available)


IEC 316P6 Power Cords ship within 48 hours

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 316P6 Power Cords 

   316P6 Power Cords      316P6
   IEC 316P6 to C13 pictured  Click part number below to order                                                 

 Male Plug       Connector
      Length       Amps  Wire AWG Jacket   Color     Price
   Part Number   
316P6 C13 8 Foot 15A 14/3 SJT Black $25.00 IBX-9850-08
316P6 C13 15 Foot 15A 14/3 SJT Black $35.00 IBX-9850-15
316P6 C19 8 Foot 16A 12/3 SJT Black $25.00 IBX-9851-08
316P6 C19 15 Foot 16A 12/3 SJT Black $35.00 IBX-9851-15
316P6 316C6 10 Foot 16A 1.5mm2 H05VV Black $67.00 IBX-9852-10

  *IEC 316P6 power cords are UL listed and RoHS Certified

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