30A Rackmount PDU

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Cruxial Server Racks and Cabinets are designed to grow with your needs 30 Amp Rackmount PDU’s

Geist MFG offers the widest variety of options available for power distribution

(Rackmount PDU’s fit standard 19″ racks, and are available in basic, switched, and metered configurations)

Geist PDU Rack Mount Power Strips are built to order and ship within 6-8 weeks 

Click below to order, or call 1-800-590-8610

Geist 30A 19 inch Rackmount PDU Power Strips

Geist 30A power distribution units (PDU) are rated for 125V or 250V and are made to rackmount in a 19″ wide server enclosure. Options include thermal breakers, current meter, or power meters, as well as custom power cord length, or twist-lock plug.

30A power strip

 Geist 2XPR200-103D20TL6 pictured.  Click part number below to order

Manufacturer Plug
Receptacles Amps  Voltage Power Cord Length Part Number
Geist L6-30P L6-20R x 6 30A 250V 10 Foot 2XPR060-103L20TL6
Geist L6-30P L6-30R x 6 30A 250V 10 Foot 2XPR062-103L30TL6
Geist L6-30P 6-20R x 12 30A 250V 10 Foot XPR120-103D20TL6
Geist L6-30P C13 x 12 30A 250V 10 Foot XPR120-103C13TL6
Geist L6-30P C13 x 16 30A 250V 10 Foot 2VRELN160-103C13TL6
Geist L6-30P 6-20R x 20 30A 250V 10 Foot 2XPR200-103D20TL6
Geist L5-30P L5-20R x 6 30A 125V 10 Foot 2XPR060-103L20TL5
Geist L5-30P 5-15/20R x 8 30A 125V 10 Foot BRDN080-1034TL
Geist L5-30P 5-15/20R x 12 30A 125V 10 Foot BRD120-1036TL
Geist L5-30P 5-15/20R x 12 30A 125V 10 Foot XPR120-103D20TL5
Geist L5-30P 5-15/20R x 20 30A 125V 10 Foot 2XPR200-103D20TL5
Geist L5-30P L5-30R x 6 30A 125V 10 Foot 2XPRN062-103L30TL5
Geist L5-30P C13 x 12 30A 125V 10 Foot XPR120-103C13TL5
Geist L5-30P C13 x 16 30A 125V 10 Foot 2VRELN160-103C13TL5


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