Power Cords and PDU's for Rack Equipment

colored power cords

Rack Power Strips and Power Cables  

vertical rack pdu

Basic Rackmount PDU

Basic 19" rackmount PDU's for server rack equipment.  Wide variety of configurations and options available.


vertical rack pdu

Vertical Rack Power Strips

Vertical rack PDU's with server rack mounting clips.  Wide variety of configurations and options available. 


Climate Monitored PDU

Geist offers a host of options available for climate / environmental monitoring within your server rack.

  Rack PDU Accessories

Mounting brackets, retainer clips, cable and thermal management options for various rackmount and vertical PDU's.

iec colored power cords

  IEC 320 Power Cables

IEC jumper power cables with C14 and C20 plugs.  Extensions, splitters, and locking IEC connector types available.

plug adapters

  Plug Adapter Power Cords

Power Cables that allows you to adapt plugs on server equipment to match various receptacles on your power strips.

power cords

  NEMA 15A Power Cords

NEMA power cords with 15A male plugs and a wide variety of connector options, including 5-15R, 5-20R, C13 and C19.


20A power cords

  NEMA 20A Power Cords

NEMA power cords with 20A male plugs and a wide variety of connector options, including 5-15R, 5-20R, C13 and C19.


30A power cords

  NEMA 30A Power Cords

Locking 30A power cables used to extend, split, or adapter equipment cables to fit a wide variety of receptacle types.

PDU Power Cords and Power Strips IT Equipment 

Iron Box is a leading manufacturer and distributor of rackmount power strips and  power cords for use in data centers and mission critical network facilities.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality product, service, and  turn around time, all at the lowest prices in the market.  Our specialties include Geist custom built rackmount pdu's with NEMA and IEC rated pugs and receptacles, and NEMA and IEC power cables.  We also have a quick turn-around time for custom NEMA straight blade and locking power cords, as well as IEC 60320, IEC 60309 and data center PDU cable whips for use in raised computer room floors.  If you need a PDU or power cord not found on our site, or have technical questions, please contact us.    

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