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Cruxial Server Racks and Cabinets are designed to grow with your needs NEMA and IEC ROJ Power Cord Whips

We offer a wide variety of NEMA and IEC ROJ power cord whips

(Custom lengths are available upon request.  Call or email us if you need a custom length of configuration)


ROJ power cord whips ship within 24 hours

Click below to order, or call 1-800-590-8610 


          5-15P TO ROJ             5-15R ROJ             5-20P ROJ                

          5-20R ROJ             6-15P ROJ             6-15R ROJ                                                                                                               

          6-20P ROJ             6-20R ROJ             C13 ROJ                             

          C14 ROJ             C15 ROJ             C19 ROJ                    

          C20 ROJ