L6-30P to C13 Cables

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L6-30P to C13 Power Cords

L6-30 to C13 power cords feature a locking L6-30P plug to an IEC C13 connector w/ 14/3 AWG SJT jacket.  These power cords are rated for 15 amps, 250V and are used to plug a device with a C14 cord or inlet on it into an L6-30R twist lock receptacle.

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L6-30P to C13 Power Cords 


 Male Plug       Connector
      Length       Amps  Wire AWG Jacket   Color   Price    Part Number   
L6-30P C13 8 Foot 15A 14/3 SJT Black $14.75 IBX-4942-08
L6-30P C13 15 Foot 15A 14/3 SJT Black $21.50 IBX-4942-15