C14 to C13 3-Way Splitter

IEC C14 to C13 3-Way Splitter Power Cords

We offer many common lengths of C14 / C13 splitter power cords in 15A configurations.  Using multiple colors for power cords in a server rack installation helps to identify various power paths, cutting down on maintenance and installation time and costs.  Our IEC power cords are also in a wide variety of colors with multiple plug/connector styles, including C20 to C19, C20 to C13, and C14 to C19.  

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IEC 60320 C14 to C13 3-Way Splitter Jumper Power Cords 

30 amp twist lock cords      
   C14 to C13 Splitter Power Cable pictured  - Click part number below to order

Manufacturer Plug Receptacles Amps Voltage Length Price Part Number Qty Add to Cart
Iron Box C14 C13 x 3 10A 250V 3 Foot $10.00 IBX-2705-03
Iron Box C14 C13 x 3 10A 250V 6 Foot $12.00 IBX-2705-06
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