5-15P to C15 Cables

NEMA 5-15P to C15 Power Cords

Power cords that feature a NEMA 5-15P plug and an IEC C15 connector, with a 14/3 AWG cable jacket rated for 15 Amps.  Use these power cords to plug electronic devices like Cisco network equipment and A/V gear to a standard North American outlet.

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C15 Connector to 5-15P Plug Power Cords  

   5-15 TO C15      

Manufacturer Plug Receptacles Amps Voltage Length Price Part Number Qty Add to Cart
Iron Box 5-15P C15 15A 125V 3 Foot $7.00 IBX-4921-03
Iron Box 5-15P C15 15A 125V 6 Foot $11.00 IBX-4921-06
Iron Box 5-15P C15 15A 125V 12 Foot $16.00 IBX-4921-12
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