NEMA 6-20P Plug Adapters

 NEMA 6-20 Power Cord Plug Adapters

6-20 plug adapters plug into a NEMA 6-20R outlet

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NEMA 6-20 Power Cord Plug Adapters ship within 24 hours

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6-20 Power Cord Plug Adapters 

NEMA 6-20 plug adapters allow you to plug in a device with either a 6-15P, L6-15P, L6-20P, L6-30P, L14-20P, L14-30P, L15-20P, L15-30P plug into a 6-20R receptacle.  6-20P plug adapter cables are rated for 15 or 20 amps and 250V. 

 6-20 Plug Adapter      

Manufacturer Plug Receptacles Amps Voltage Length Price Part Number Qty Add to Cart
Iron Box 6-20P 6-20R 15A 250V 1 Foot $42.00 IBX-7944-01
Iron Box 6-20P L6-15R 15A 250V 1 Foot $45.00 IBX-8685-01
Iron Box 6-20P L6-20R 20A 250V 1 Foot $47.00 IBX-8414-01
Iron Box 6-20P L6-30R 20A 250V 1 Foot $58.00 IBX-5903-01
Iron Box 6-20P L14-20R 20A 250V 1 Foot $49.00 IBX-5178-01
Iron Box 6-20P L14-30R 20A 250V 1 Foot $54.00 IBX-5182-01
Iron Box 6-20P L15-20R 20A 250V 1 Foot $54.00 IBX-5177-01
Iron Box 6-20P L15-30R 20A 250V 1 Foot $59.00 IBX-5176-01
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