NEMA L5-30P Plug Adapters

 NEMA L5-30 Power Cord Plug Adapters

L5-30 plug adapters plug into a NEMA L5-30R outlet

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NEMA L5-30 Power Cord Plug Adapters ship within 24 hours

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L5-30 Power Cord Plug Adapters 

NEMA L5-30 plug adapters allow you to plug in a device with either a 5-20P, L5-15P, L5-20P plug into a standard L5-30R receptacle.  L5-30P plug adapter cables are rated for 15 or 20 amps and 125V. 

 30 amp twist lock cords      

Manufacturer Plug Receptacles Amps Voltage Length Price Part Number Qty Add to Cart
Iron Box L5-30P 5-20R 20A 125V 1 Foot $40.00 IBX-1723-01
Iron Box L5-30P L5-15R 15A 125V 1 Foot $43.00 IBX-1749-01
Iron Box L5-30P L14-20R 20A 125V 1 Foot $49.00 IBX-0550-01
Iron Box L5-30P L14-30R 30A 125V 1 Foot $54.00 IBX-0551-01
Iron Box L5-30P L5-20R 20A 125V 1 Foot $43.00 IBX-3661-01
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